This Presidents’ Day is NUT Day!

Last June in the Huffington Post, Ted Gup unilaterally called for (and presumably observed) a one-day ban on all mention of Trmp (sic), dubbing (I shan’t say christening) the day NUT (No Utterance of Trump) Day.

I hereby call for the observance of NUT Day this Presidents’ Day 2017. (That’s this coming Monday, February 20, 2017.) Please spread the news far and wide, and circulate it to the lying, cheating, fake, media.


suitable for facebook appeal:

Presidents’ Day 2017 is NUT Day. On NUT (No Utterance of …) Day, no one shall mention his name (or any epithets, including but not limited to shitgibbon and orange mugabe) and no one shall post his graven image in any form on any media.

please circulate (with link here).

suitable twitter appeal:

Presidents’ Day ’17 is NUT (No Utterance of …) Day. No mention, epithet, image, nor representation shall circulate.


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