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iOS app suggestions for preschoolers+

Last July, I posted about apps for toddlers and preschoolers. This update, by request, is meant for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and some for early grade schoolers. By now, your little one may be a master tablet manipulator, so dragging cute bunnies around the screen doesn’t cut it anymore.  She’ll want more challenge and you’ll want higher […]

T-Mobile/GoGo in-flight texting: not for the faint of thumb

It’s so wonderfully appropriate that I join the mile-high blogger club on this Delta flight with no potable water, which took off despite the stink of it. And if that’s not sticky sweet enough, that I get to do it curtesy of GoGo, who I’m about to flush. T-Mobile boasts the feature of complimentary in-flight […]

iOS app suggestions for toddlers to preschoolers

Yes, we know the pediatrician cult says 0 screen time for anyone under 2. I never wanted to push an iPad at my son, who is now 4. But with the ubiquity of screens in this world, it’s better that he interact with one than be a passive consumer, in my view. Keep it responsible […]