The changes carriers have made in their plans since the last time I bought a phone (an iPhone 5 in 2013, on a grandfathered unlimited data plan with AT&T) are major. Most importantly, staying on that plan with that carrier was no longer the obvious choice. The options were confusing, and  I wanted to suss […]

Yes, we know the pediatrician cult says 0 screen time for anyone under 2. I never wanted to push an iPad at my son, who is now 4. But with the ubiquity of screens in this world, it’s better that he interact with one than be a passive consumer, in my view. Keep it responsible […]

From time to time, someone asks me something. When I put some effort into the answer, it seems a shame not share beyond the one who posed the question. But what to do when the answer is too long for twitter, and too specialized to be of general use to my facebook friends? That’s where […]